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Tips on investing in property

Tips on investing in property

By Rosemarie Bosch-Ong | First published in The Philippine STAR

An investment is something that can potentially make money for you, and you must invest where you can earn a higher rate of return as it means securing your financial future.

If you want to invest in property, you must set your investment goals, whether it’s to make money through rental yield or putting it up in a nest egg. You don’t just invest your money to build your wealth, you are practically choosing a property in the right location with the promise of land appreciation based on future infrastructure plans.

In property investment, you always need to think long-term and manage your investments effectively to determine whether you can reach your financial goals or not.

Actual photo of MetroGate Silang Estates


We all wanted a comfortable life. In doing so, we know that to achieve a comfortable life, you need to find a peaceful living environment where you want to settle. Choose a property where you feel secure, a home that is surrounded by sunlight, wind, nature, and space – allowing life to flow and grow freely.

Architect’s Perspective of Grand View Tower


A prime factor in choosing a property is its strategic location. In terms of accessibility, look for one near work places, business districts, government institutions, commercial establishments, educational institutions, and cultural monuments. In considering convenience of the property, you must be able to do something easily with little effort or without hindrances. With the right location, your investment will tend to give you financial rewards.

Architect’s perspective of MetroGate new house models Avery, Harper, and Parker


Pick a property that fits your lifestyle and personality. A place where someone will feel comfortable whether they are starting on their own, expanding their family, looking for their own vacation home, or enjoying retirement. You need to thoroughly understand that Filipinos have different lifestyles, needs, and wants – look for products that provide efficient and generous living spaces at a good price.

Actual photo of 1322 Roxas Boulevard (Golden Empire Tower)


Make sure the property built with integrity and made from top-quality materials that will last long. As a buyer or investor, do your due diligence to track the record of the most trusted developers and their products.

Investing in real estate is an important decision to make. You must do your research and confirm every bit of structural information about the product that you plan to invest in.

So, if you think you want to venture on investments, you can check out Moldex Realty, one of the pioneer real estate developers in the country which has been in the industry for over three decades.

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