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The Best Properties for Different Kinds of Real Estate Clients

First published on Lamudi, August 20, 2021

Being able to help people achieve their dreams is one of the greatest rewards of becoming a real estate broker. Beyond the five- or six-figure commission or the prestige that comes with the practice, the sense of satisfaction lies in seeing clients step into their new home and experience the lifestyle they desire. This fulfilling experience, however, doesn’t come without challenges.

Home buyers have specific needs and wants, from budget to number of rooms down to the look and feel of the property. When you’re a real estate broker, you must have a ready suggestion for every unique requirement. This is the challenge that comes with the reward.

While it’s tough, real estate brokers who are part of a professional network have an edge over competitors. When you belong to a property developer-accredited group, you can have access to a wide array of properties that cater to different kinds of clients’ needs. The Moldex Brokers Network, a team of certified real estate professionals under the Moldex Realty brand, can help you serve various types of home buyers:

Starting Families

Quick homebuyer profile: These are couples who have been recently married and are planning to have kids soon. Usually, this is their first time buying a home. They’re looking for a property that is not too big, but not small either, to accommodate a baby on the way. In terms of budget, they’re more conservative and practical as they want to save for their children’s education. In a nutshell, they’re looking for a starter home.

The ideal property pick: Under Moldex Realty’s residential community Heritage Homes, which carries the tagline “Life’s priceless beginnings,” you can offer houses and lots perfect for these types of home buyers. They’re well within the average budget of first-time home buyers, with the house and lot units starting at P1.7 million. In terms of space, the floor areas of model houses range from 32 square meters to 55 square meters. The subdivisions are located in in-demand provinces near Metro Manila, namely Cavite, Bulacan, and Pampanga.

Actual Photo of Gisele House Model at Heritage Villas San Jose

For clients who want an affordable alternative to houses and lots and experience the comfort of vertical living while still belonging to a community, Moldex Realty has mid-rise condominiums Moldex Residences. With the tagline “Happy living starts here,” the units feature 21 to 72 square meters of floor area, providing ample space for newlyweds. The condos, which start at P3.5 million, are situated in Baguio, Cavite, and Valenzuela City.

Growing Families

Quick homebuyer profile: These are families who have been in their starter homes for quite a while and realized that their lifestyle has changed or upgraded, thus needing more space. On the flip side, a growing family may not essentially look for a bigger primary residence, but a second home, a vacation house they can go to for vacations every now and then. Since there’s an upgrade in the lifestyle, they have a surplus budget for buying a property.

The ideal property pick: For these types of home buyers, the properties in Moldex Realty’s MetroGate subdivision are the best candidates. Model houses have floor areas that start at 100 square meters, with prices starting at P6.5 million. With two to four bedrooms, your clients will have all the space they need for their upgraded lifestyle. Here, they can have lasting homes, timeless memories, as the community’s tagline goes.

Actual Photo of MetroGate Silang Estates

Business Executives

Quick homebuyer profile: These are success-driven professionals, executive-level managers in companies, who want a property that will allow them to be close to the workplace. On the flip side, these may also be individuals who are looking to invest in real estate assets and build their portfolio. They’re financially secure to buy upscale properties.

Grand View Tower Building Perspective

The ideal property pick: When you encounter these types of property buyers, you can easily recommend Moldex Realty’s The Grand Series, four high-rise condominiums that accommodate the lifestyle of living large literally and figuratively. The units in the Grand Towers Manila, Grand Riviera Suites, and Grand View Tower start at P4 million.

Luxury Lovers

Quick homebuyer profile: These are high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and expats, who already have several properties under their belt. They like to splurge on the finest of home comforts, from bespoke fixtures to branded appliances to meticulously designed interiors.

The ideal property pick: Luxury lovers are property buyers you want to impress. In this case, Moldex Realty’s The Golden Empire Tower, the most luxurious condo building of the brand, is the best recommendation. It has units that go up to four bedrooms with over 250 square meters of floor area. Your clients will be greeted to a grand hotel-style lobby and elegant architecture. Inside their units, they can indulge in premium finishes and panoramic views of the Manila Bay sunset. The prices of the units range from P40 million to P65 million.

1322, Roxas Boulevard Actual Dressed Unit

The Golden Empire Tower, along with The Grand Towers Manila and the Grand Riviera Suites, stand in the capital city. The Grand View Tower, meanwhile, is in Pasay. They are surrounded by modern conveniences, such as malls, schools, hospitals, recreational centers, government offices, and worship places. Your clients will literally live in the center of it all, as the community tagline promises.

Helping people find their dream homes is the most rewarding and challenging part of brokerage practice. Join a broker network to gain access to an array of properties perfect for different types of clients.

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