Sustaining brand legacy through premium dev’ts

Sustaining brand legacy through premium dev’ts

By: Amy R. Remo 
First published in Philippine Daily Inquirer / May 11, 2019

It was built on a heritage brand known for its quality and thrust for excellence.

And thus, it comes natural for property developer Moldex Realty to adhere to the same values that allowed the Moldex brand to become a household name over the last five decades.

“The Moldex name has been a guarantee for world class quality products and services that Filipinos deserve. The Moldex brand pioneered the manufacturing of polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes and became a household name when it comes to pipes,” explained Engr. Aris Tan, AVP for vertical realty operations of Moldex Realty.

“Moldex Realty is built on this same heritage—the heritage of the Moldex brand. With 50 years in business, the Moldex brand has been synonymous with quality and excellence which successfully translated into the fields of real estate and property development,” Tan added.


Three Bedroom Unit – Living Area

Promise of quality

Today, Moldex Realty is regarded as one of the pioneer real estate developers in the country, backed with over 30 years of expertise in building homes—be it within expansive horizontal land developments or modern, impressive vertical condominium communities in key locations in Luzon. These projects have afforded Filipinos quality spacious enclaves that are conducive to harnessing passions, nurturing relationships and raising families.

Tan stressed that Moldex Realty doesn’t just build homes—it more importantly creates valuable assets and thriving communities that are the pride and joy of its residents. Moldex Realty, Tan pointed out, builds on strategic locations that are sustainable, stable and secure, havens away from the noisy and congested environments.

“The Moldex promise is a life of quality, value, comfort and convenience,” Tan added.

So far, Moldex Realty has developed more than 30 residential subdivisions and condominiums which are strategically located in the north, heart, and south of Manila, where the company continues to bet big, as evident in its expanding presence in these areas.


Three Bedroom Unit

‘Gold standard’

Among all these projects, Moldex Realty considers 1322 Roxas Boulevard-Golden Empire Tower as one of its crown jewels, a gold standard that serves as a concrete proof of the company’s expertise and prowess, as shaped by decades of experience in the real estate industry.

“1322 Roxas Boulevard is an architectural masterpiece and an iconic landmark that soars at 57 storeys to the pinnacle of Manila’s skyline, commanding a breathtaking view of the city. 1322 Roxas Boulevard-Golden Empire Tower is one of Moldex Realty’s flagship developments with a bayside setting offering one of the most spectacular views of Manila Bay. It continues to stand as home to Manila’s most privileged residents,” Tan said.

“The project stands as the pinnacle of elegance, continues to impress a steady stream of discerning buyers, and remains to be one of the most luxurious towers in Manila,” Tan added.

Indeed, Moldex Realty pulled out all stops to ensure that 1322 Roxas Boulevard remains ahead of the curve. Beyond being one of the tallest residential towers in Manila, 1322 Roxas Boulevard boasts of utmost exclusivity, privacy, premium security and world-class comforts.

Also, the project was developed in partnership with world-renowned experts, which attest to Moldex Realty’s global capabilities as a developer. It tapped GF & Partners Architects Inc. to be its principal designer, while Architectural International (Boston) was the foreign architect consultant. The curtain wall was by Ja Shilinglaw & Associates of Australia.

Ahead of the curve

What further makes 1322 Roxas Boulevard ahead of the curve is the fact that it deployed best practices to ensure utmost quality for this project.

For instance, the foundation was 66 meters deep. It also used cutting-edge French foundation engineering technology and top-of-the-line finishes, and likewise features a two-quad design to provide each suite a stunning view of the famed Manila Bay; floor-to-ceiling window openings to maximize natural light and ventilation; as well as state-of-the-art technology and advanced monitoring systems to ensure the safety of residents.

One of the stand-out features in every unit is the curtain wall, which has a double laminate design to withstand strong winds. This feature protects the exterior of the building from corrosion from the sea breeze and salt particles carried through the wind.

To ensure a more holistic lifestyle, 1322 offers enviable leisure and recreational amenities tailored to meet the most sophisticated demands of an upper-class community. These afford residents the luxury to relax and unwind right within the confines of their communities.

RFO units

Currently, 1322 Roxas Boulevard offers ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units catering to the upscale lifestyle of a highly discerning market—a chance for the well-heeled market to snatch the few remaining units here.

“1322 Roxas Boulevard is ready-for-occupancy but it is not ordinarily and readily available to just about anyone. With the booming real estate scene and with the demand for RFO units, there are two markets that should take advantage of the special privilege and opportunity to own a luxurious home by the bay,” said Donna Vicedo-Racho, SVP for vertical sales of Moldex Realty.

A host of reasons can more than justify why it makes sense to acquire a unit at 1322 Roxas Boulevard whether you’re an investor or an end-user.

Those wanting to make 1322 their upscale home in the metro will largely benefit from a highly strategic location; top-of-the-line finishes; generous, opulent unit sizes; utmost exclusivity; and an enviable address that’s coveted and aspired for by many.

“1322 Roxas Boulevard stands tall on one of the best locations in the heart of Manila… (It) is (well) positioned to give residents convenient access to a variety of Manila and the Bay Area’s rich cultural and entertainment venues, as well as a host dining, shopping and commercial establishments, and educational institutions,” Racho said.


“Residents are (also) sure to have peace of mind knowing that they’re investing in a home that is more than a well-thought-out masterpiece. An experience shared by one of the residents of 1322, could be written as an anecdote—there was time when a strong typhoon hit Metro Manila. Residents were almost not aware of how strong the winds were outside because of the curtain wall feature… There was no power interruption, and water shortage,” she explained.

Potential investors meanwhile are sure to benefit from expected capital and value appreciation of property within Manila itself and the nearby cities, which have been thrust into the spotlight over the last several years given the promising developments in the Bay Area and Bay City.

All metrics and measures have shown that the investing community, businesses and real estate developers are now flocking to this part of the metro, given the potentially huge opportunities that can be tapped in this area. As it is, Manila and surrounding cities are benefiting from the influx of new investors setting up shop, the presence of luxurious gaming establishments, commercial establishments and some of the more opulent residential enclaves such as 1322.

And it’s just fortunate that Moldex Realty was among the first companies to expand within Manila, allowing it to capture a fair share of this market.

Indeed, there is no doubt that 1322 Roxas Boulevard remains a prime residential spot offering a coveted address and enviable lifestyle for the privileged few—while providing a wise investment option that is sure generate viable returns for its owner.


Philippine Daily Inquirer / May 11, 2019

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