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Moldex Realty transitions into the digital space with Ohmyhome

First published on Manila Bulletin August 20, 2021, 9:21 AM
by Enzo Luna

Aerial photo of MetroGate Silang Estates

More and more property sales and marketing are transitioning now to the digital space as part of their expansion to drive high online visibility across all channels. Trusted real estate brand Moldex Realty has recently forged a partnership with property solutions platform Ohmyhome for several reasons: to acquire direct exposure to target markets abroad; to promote their inventories with Ohmyhome’s ‘no duplication’ guarantee; and to expand Moldex Realty’s brands in emerging economies such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

“So far, our partnerships with property platforms have helped improve our SEO (search engine optimization), giving us high visibility on Google, an advantage when buyers do purchase research online,” Maria Angela Zalazar, Vice President and Sales Head for Digital Sales of Moldex Realty says. “Listings on online platforms also provide us with good leads and inquiries. We can turn that high level of interest among prospective buyers into a commitment to purchase.”

Moldex Realty enthusiastically shares its goals and expectations regarding their partnership with Ohmyhome. With Ohmyhome’s strong digital presence, Moldex Realty looks forward to working with the proptech company in acquiring more visibility for their brands.

Moldex likewise expects a fast turnover of leads generated from their project listings. “We look forward to quick response time on issues and concerns that may potentially rise,” Zalazar adds.

On this note, Moldex Realty acknowledges how Ohmyhome’s proptech expertise can be beneficial to them as a real estate company. “Ohmyhome’s project landing pages, search functionalities, quick links to developments, easy-to-use interface and reliable property consultants will be extremely useful,” Zalazar shares.

Lastly, Moldex and Ohmyhome’s partnership comes at a propitious time. Moldex believes that Filipinos are acknowledging the importance of “pandemic-proof” households. “People who were used to smaller living spaces in the metro now crave for more spacious floor layouts that can accommodate a study or home office, and even a home gym,” Zalazar says. “They are now looking for a front garden and a backyard, a verandah or patio, and features that allow for better ventilation.”

Property seekers also prioritize good locations. Moldex Realty asserts that prospective buyers prefer properties with proximity to retail establishments, groceries, and pharmacies. They want access to major road networks to facilitate food and medicine delivery. They are checking out telecommunications infrastructure such as telco posts and broadband connections for those who work and study from home.

Actual photo of 1322, Roxas Boulevard ( Golden Empire Tower )

With these features present in many of its developments, Moldex Realty is excited to showcase its projects in the Ohmyhome application and website. The following brands will now be searchable and viewable in Ohmyhome’s channels:

MetroGate Prime Subdivisions, ideal for accomplished individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and dual-income families, features desirable locations, upscale amenities, and stylish properties, perfect as multi-generation or retirement homes. Lots and house and lot packages are available for sale under the MetroGate brand. Developments under this brand include MetroGate Angeles, MetroGate Silang Estates, MetroGate San Jose, MetroGate North Villas, and MetroGate Trece Martires.

Meanwhile, starting families who are practical and prioritize value for money will be drawn towards Heritage Homes Affordable Communities, gated residential enclaves that offer house and lot packages within safe and secure neighborhoods. Heritage Homes is close to essential establishments, an optimal choice for those who value comfort and convenience, truly an excellent choice for a first home.

Grand Series High-Rise Towers appeals to urban professionals, entrepreneurs, upgraders, investors, and dual-income families who belong to the middle-upper market. Grand Series offers functional benefits such as accessibility, security, efficient layout, ample spaces, and complete amenities. A project under this brand, Grand View Tower, is located in Pasay near the Makati Central Business District.

Moldex Residences Mid-Rise Condominiums, which targets start-up couples, young families, OFWs, entrepreneurs, and first-time home buyers, features beautiful living spaces close to the city, generous open spaces, and proximity to places of interest. For this brand, Moldex Realty has several projects: Moldex Residences Silang, Moldex Residences Baguio, and Moldex Residences Valenzuela.

Aside from the contemporary projects, the well-known real estate developer has more projects lined up for prospective homeowners. In its present and future developments, Moldex Realty highlights its core values: quality, value, comfort, and convenience.

Zalazar shares, “Our track record of more than 30 years only affirms that our brands are of utmost quality. We can assure our clients that we offer the best value. Our real estate products do not scrimp on materials, and with our efficient and generous living spaces, residents get more than they paid for. Our communities are also comfortable—secure, built with ample amenities and efficient living spaces for worry-free living.

“Finally, we offer convenience. Moldex’s locations are in prime areas in Manila and in key cities near the metro, with easy access to major highways and public transportation, and proximity to quality school and business districts, churches, and recreational destinations. Our projects also feature professional property management—property managers for vertical developments and village administrators for horizontal projects.”

“Ohmyhome will guide property developers towards a more organized transition into the digital platform. Ohmyhome is also set to improve online visibility, awareness, and searchability. For Filipino customers, Ohmyhome will continue to offer 24/7 availability and quick customer response,” according to Zalazar, who is confident that Ohmyhome will revolutionize the real estate industry in the Philippines.

Moldex Realty is one of the pioneering real estate developers in the country and has been in the industry for over three decades. It has established a strong presence in the real estate arena through the development of more than 30 residential subdivisions and condominiums strategically located in the north, heart, and south of Manila. Since the beginning, Moldex Realty’s vision was very clear — every Filipino family deserves a life of value, comfort, convenience, and quality.

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