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Digital Normal: 4 Ways to Build a Stronger Online Presence

Digital Normal: 4 Ways to Build a Stronger Online Presence

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The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time for real estate brokers. It’s a season of reflection and anticipation, looking back on your performance in the past year and looking forward to the opportunities ahead. It’s in this respect that brokers commit to throwing away outdated strategies or negative habits and embracing better practices. The year 2021 is the year of doing things differently at work.

Here are some practical work “swaps” you can do to welcome the new year:

From Meeting Fellow Professionals to Joining a Broker Group

Independent brokers prioritize networking events to meet fellow professionals who can refer them to clients in the future. These casual meet-ups are good. But it’s so much better if you belong to an official broker network. Being a member, you know that there’s a team behind you that supports you all the way, even beyond the aspect of client relations.

Consider joining Moldex Brokers Network. In this group, you’ll be in a sales team that sharpens each other’s expertise and knowledge. You can also look forward to learning from a team manager who’s able to establish a large network of high net-worth individuals as prospective clients.

Basically, you have a “one-stop-shop” support system that will help you in all your real estate transactions, including presentations, trippings, closing, sales booking, and computations.

From Traditional Marketing to Online Rapport-Building

Flyering is out, online listing is in. When you promote your properties on virtual platforms, you get to connect with modern-day clients better. For one, you can give them access to all necessary property information, no matter where they are. Even those located overseas can check out the houses and lots and condominiums you’re selling.

What’s more, you can impress them with different types of marketing materials. From professionally-taken drone shots to virtual tours, you can show off both your expertise and the properties themselves. Ultimately, you’re able to establish credibility even before meeting your client face to face. This is key to building rapport in the digital age.

In Moldex Brokers Network, professional growth and high-quality projects are the priority. Joining the team, you can maximize the training sessions provided by the real estate company. More importantly, you’re carrying the pride and prestige of representing a developer brand with more than 30 years of experience. That makes a huge difference in building rapport with clients.

From Attending Seminars to Learning One Thing a Day

Seminars are effective educational opportunities. But learning shouldn’t be limited to these organized events. Make it a habit to learn something new every day. Members of Moldex Brokers Network have countless learning opportunities every day because they’re compelled to be experts in the local real estate market. The developer brand has a wide range of project locations. It’s important for brokers to know what’s happening in these areas.

If you’re eyeing to be part of the broker network, you’ll be inspired to keep abreast of trends in Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, and Pampanga, the locations of MetroGate Prime Subdivisions and Heritage Homes. You would monitor what’s happening in Baguio and Metro Manila cities and see what it means for your projects Moldex Residences Mid-Rise Condominiums and The Grand Series High-Rise Towers. In the process, you become a life-long learner.

From Accommodating to Anticipating Clients’ Needs

Put simply, be proactive. Take initiative. Instead of just doing what your client requests, ask yourself in advance what they would need in different situations. For first-time homebuyers who need guidance on legal documents or fees to pay, they may appreciate a crash course on the purchase process. For investors, they probably would find it valuable to have a copy of the latest real estate market report.

As a part of the Moldex Brokers Network, you meet different kinds of clients. There are newlyweds, young parents, growing families, retirees, and seasoned investors. Dealing with them on a regular basis equips you to anticipate different needs in the long run.

2021 is the year of being a better broker. Grab the opportunity to do things differently this time. Slowly but surely, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Digital Normal: 4 Ways to Build a Stronger Online Presence | Lamudi

Even before the pandemic, a strong online presence is a must-have for real estate brokerage success. Today, in the midst of a health crisis, this must-have has taken a new level of necessity. Under strict stay-at-home measures, it’s hard to find prospective clients physically.

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