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Condo Hacks: How to make compact spaces feel bigger

Condo Hacks: How to make compact spaces feel bigger

Actual photo of living area at 1322 Roxas Boulevard (Golden Empire Tower) Dressed unit only https://www.moldexrealty.ph/properties/golden-empire-tower/

Whether you’re a condo unit owner or you’re planning to own one – a bigger space is what we always desire of to live comfortably. Regardless if it’s a fresh coat of paint, space-saving furniture or even interior illusions, faking it seems to be the way around. Here are our 5 hacks to make your condo appear larger.

Use a light colors and contrasts

It’s a known fact that light and bright walls tend to reflect more light, making a space feel more open and airy; it maximizes the effect created by natural or artificial light. For optimum effect, try using soft tones of off white, pastel or neutral colors. Also when having wall trim and moldings, have them colored in lighter contrast shade than your walls making it appear farther back, it gives your living space seem bigger.

Mirror placement is important

Mirrors are another great way to bounce light; they give an illusion of a bigger space. Proper placement for example is strategically positioning mirrors across from a window to reflect views and natural lighting. Not only does it provide good angles of focal points around your unit, the view and natural light that reflects on your mirror from the windows add extra life and taste to your interior.

Actual photo of living area at The Grand Towers Manila ( Dressed unit only )


Build around your space

Space planning is essential. Often than not, unit owners tend to buy too large or too small furniture for one room depending on their liking. Adding symmetry is the key to space building. For a bigger room for example, try utilizing spaces by doing a 1:2 ratio, making a living area that is conducive for conversation and another zone for the dining area. Always note about the visual weight and distribution to balance out the space. Proportion and scale are key to any design.

Actual photo of studio unit at Grand View Tower Showroom (Dressed-unit only)


Organize and clean up – remove clutter!

Nothing beats a tidy and well organized room, removing clutter takes away the cramped feeling. Open spaces will let you have that open and airy feel. When in a room, create focal points – furniture or items that will draw the eye. In the bedroom it’s usually the bed, in the dining it’s the table. Keep the decor simple and at minimum. For wall decor, ditch the picture frames and try incorporating complementing large paintings or wall hangings instead.

Actual photo of Grand View Tower studio unit showroom (Dressed-unit only)


Maximize furniture arrangement

Having lots of furniture can take up space. To avoid that, try investing in multi-purpose interiors. Such as a table with several levels to contain items, bed with storage underneath and a chest that can be used as a coffee table. For larger furniture, keep them placed against the wall to open up space and remember not to block any pathway. A more freely walkwaylet’s you open up space and provides the illusion of more room to move around.

Actual photo of a dressed 1-bedroom unit at Grand Riviera Suites Interior design by Francine Wong &Deyu Cai De La Salle – College of St. Benilde School of Design and Arts, Interior Design Batch of 2017 2nd Place, Delineate: Design Distinction Through a Spectrum of Individual Diversity


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