“More Reasons (MR)” Why Baguio

By Author | November 28, 2017

More Reasons ( MR ) Why Baguio
by Omeng Fallarme | www.eatsoa.com

"Baguio as we know is a “Mountain Resort”. If that’s not enough reason to come up, other “MRs” could be it: “More Relaxing” with a weather that’s “Moderately Refreshing”. People are “Mild-mannered Residents” corresponding with “Mood’s Rational”. “Means are Reasonable” as life in general is “Modestly Reserved”. 

Nonetheless, these are subtle inducements compared to the more popular tangibles Baguio is known for as much as what we’re commercially accustomed to – Strawberries, Pine Trees, Flowers, Ube Jams, Vegetables, Ethnic Weavings, Wood Carvings and a lot more along the city’s breathtaking “Mountain Range”. More indeed, however, there is that yearning still; one’s seemingly inclined to be a part of as if something’s missing… Thus, there’s another “MR” keen on addressing that “come-on” – ‘Moldex Residences’." 

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